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Carpet stains. If you spill red wine, try sprinkling white wine on it then use a paper towel to soak up the bulk of the liquid. Then put down a thick layer of salt over the wet area. Leave overnight, dust pan the salt up and throw away, vacuum the area and leave. Using this method really helps clean.

Worn carpet or bald patch. It is possible to repair this if a piece from under a piece of furniture can be removed and seamed into the damaged area. This requires special tools so contact me or a good fitter.

Underlays also wear. Maybe your carpet has many years' service left in it, but the underlay has gone flat or broken down to rubber dust. Why not have the underlay replaced and bring back that cushion feel.

It never pays to fit cheap budget flooring, for instance, kitchen vinyl. If this is done and not glued to a solid floor, when moving white goods (fridge-freezer and washing machine) they can tear. It pays to have medium to good quality vinyl.

Wood can react to damp conditions and very hot days, it will expand and contract, this is why it requires expansion gaps in doorways cover by a strip of wood and under skirting boards or covered by beading. It is recommended that a plant or plants are kept in the room to help keep the humidity levels just right, or place a suitable container of water hanging on a radiator, as wood will otherwise dry out over a period of time.

Squeeky floor boards often are a result of the wood rubbing against loose nails. Try using screws, as these will not work loose like nails.

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